Churches of Aberdeen: First Presbyterian Church


View of the inside of the First Presbyterian Church 6/13/2012

This next church highlighted from the collection has a history that goes back deep into the very beginnings of Aberdeen. Built in 1882, the Presbyterian Church was the very first to ever be erected in the new town, with Sacred Heart Catholic Church coming in a close second. Everything went well, and because of the lack of church buildings so early in the history of Aberdeen, the Presbyterian congregation allowed the Methodists to hold services in their building every two weeks at the price of $1.25 per Sunday.

The Presbyterian congregation continued to grow, and in a short amount of time they found themselves in need of a larger place of worship. In 1896, therefore, they built a $5,000 church to meet their needs. For a few decades all was well with the new church, but then the congregation outgrew their building yet again, so they tore down and rebuilt their third church.

Presbyterian Church

Colored postcard showing a view of the Presbyterian Church.

It is said that the third time is a charm, and the saying has proven true in the case of the newest First Presbyterian Church shown in this postcard from the collection. The congregation apparently meant for this one to stay around for a long time, so in September of 1926 they began work on their new church. It was built in the gothic style, and inside had walls of finished brick with an open beam ceiling and five memorial windows. The church was also supposed to be good for entertaining church events, since according to the newspapers at the time, they had a “modern motion picture machine” and a lovely stage. Construction went well, and on August 21st, 1927, Reverend F.E. Reese held the first service in the church in the basement, and the rest of the church was finished shortly thereafter, where it remains to this day.

Face of an angel in one of the many stained glass windows.

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