Presentation College

Presentation College has long been a fixture in Aberdeen, and the collection boasts quite a few items related to this institution, including a plethora of yearbooks that can be viewed at the Williams Library or on the archives site.

Presentation College itself began in 1951, however, it has roots going back to 1922 when the Right Reverend J.M. Brady founded Notre Dame Junior College in Mitchell, SD. It was the first college to be operated by a Catholic parish in the United States, and for three decades it flourished until enrollment became too large for its current location. The decision was then made to move the college to Aberdeen, so Reverend Brady gave sponsorship to the Presentation Sisters who had staffed the college since its beginning.

For the first three years in Aberdeen, the college was housed in the Presentation Convent in Butler Hall. There they offered teacher training, commerce courses, and a pre-clinical nursing program, and in 1954 they were able to move to Presentation Heights, their new 100-acre campus, where they have remained to this day, promoting their mission: “Welcoming people of all faiths, Presentation College challenges learners toward academic excellence and, in the Catholic tradition, the development of the whole person.”

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