1950’s Aberdeen in Video

Thanks to a generous donation of some home movies, we have video footage of Aberdeen from the 1950’s. This is the first video content added, and it’s incredible to watch life in our town play out from nearly 60 years ago.

We have a short clip of a passenger train arriving at the depot, with passengers waiting in between the train cars.

Next, the Aberdeen Pheasants baseball team is practicing on the field where NSU’s Barnett Center currently resides.

Lastly, there are two longer videos of Gypsy Day Parades. These are a bit larger, so we’ll link to the pages for them. 1953 Gypsy Day Parade and 1956 Gypsy Day Parade

If you have any home movies or historical footage that you would like to contribute, Aberdeen Area History would love to add more videos to share with the world. You can contact us through this page.