Krikac Auditorium, Then and Now

Originally used for plays, graduation and speakers, it could seat 1000. After many years of minimal use, the auditorium underwent renovations in 2013 to modernize the seating and acoustics. The stained glass windows on the west (left) were donated by the classes of 1907-1913, and are still there today.


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Seymour Hall, Then and Now

Built in 1939, Seymour Hall was originally a men’s dormitory, and housed an infirmary in the west wing. In 1983, the building was renovated and then housed the College of Arts and Sciences until 2008 when it was tore down. The street (14th Ave) was closed in 1986 as part of a safety and beautification effort.


You can drag the bar or click the links above to compare the past to the present.

Then & Now Closing Reception

On Thursday, May 29th, join us for a closing receptions for the Then & Now exhibits at the Dacotah Prairie Museum and the Beulah Williams Library at NSU. The receptions will be open from 7:00-8:30pm, with snacks and refreshments to enjoy while viewing.

Photo Apr 02, 11 50 07 AM

Dacotah Prairie Museum

The receptions will run concurrently, with historical downtown Aberdeen photos at the Dacotah Prairie Museum, and historical NSU photos at the Beulah Williams Library at NSU.

Photo Apr 03, 8 58 39 AM

Beulah Williams Library

We hope to see you there.

Then & Now Exhibits

Going on right now, there are two concurrent exhibits of Then & Now photos. The photos in the exhibit pair a historical photo with a photo taken from the same vantage point within the last year.

Dacotah Prairie Museum Exhibit

Dacotah Prairie Museum Exhibit

At the Dacotah Prairie Museum, there is are 11 pairs of downtown Aberdeen photos. The exhibit contains some new photo pairings, such as the original Alexander Mitchell Library building, the Bel Aire Apartments (see picture above), the Sherman Hotel and the original Post Office building.

Northern Then & Now Photos

Northern Then & Now Photos

At the Beulah Williams Library at Northern State University, there are 10 sets of Northern photos, as well as a projector displaying numerous Then & Now photos from around Aberdeen. The Northern photos include the Central Building, which burned down in 1962, the Municipal Ballpark, Seymour Hall, and the construction of Lincoln Hall.

Photos and slide show

Photos and slide show

Within this blog, we’ve shown some Then & Now photos, and a few of them show up in the exhibits, but most of the comparison pictures are new. I recommend visiting both exhibits to appreciate some of the changes (or consistency) in Aberdeen over the years.

The exhibits are part of the Aberdeen Area History project, and is a partnership with Northern State University and the Dacotah Prairie Museum. The exhibits run through May 30th.

NSU Archway, Then and Now

The original entrance to Northern, the Memorial Archway, as taken in 1921 in “Glimpses of School Life at NNIS,” as compared to September, 2013. The archway was built in 1920, and was financed by the classes of 1916-1920. The Memorial Stone, as seen in the current photo, was a gift of the class of 1924.


You can drag the bar or click the links above to compare the past to the present.

In 1964 the archway was given a modern sign to reflect the name change to Northern State College, but was later restored to the original appearance. Below is the archway in 1969 compared to 2013.