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Documents about the daily life and opportunities for residents.

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Medicine Lake Brochure
Partial text of brochure:
Buoyant Water Swim At Medicine Lake
A lake famed for the medicinal qualities and for great boyancy of its waters, swimmers and bathers getting a great thrill playing in the clear, cool water over firm sandy…

A timeline of major events in Brown County and Aberdeen area history from 1822 through 1954.

A recounting of South Dakota, Brown County and Aberdeen history by Mattie Windell Allen on January 30,1930.

1912 Threshing
Black and white photograph of farmers threshing by machine in 1912

Old John Deere tractor
black and white photograph of a John Deere tractor in the field

Anderson Park
Black and white photograph of Anderson Park showing stone structure and swingset.

A.E. Boyd's Residence
Colored postcard of a large Aberdeen residence. There is writing in black ink along the bottom of the postcard.

Easton's Residence
Black and white postcard showing the C.F. Easton residence.

Wylie Park
Postcard in black and white showing a photo of Wylie Park.

View of Kline Street
Black and white postcard showing a view of Kline Street.
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