Pheasant Canteen


During World War II, Aberdeen provided free lunches to soldiers passing through the Chicago-Milwaukee depot on their way to deployment. This exhibit explores the history of Aberdeen's "Pheasant Canteen."



Once the United States entered World War II, many new servicemen entered the US Army. In order to transport the large number of troops from bootcamp to deployment, railroads were used. Aberdeen, being a major railroad hub, was one of the regular stops for these special trains.

Canteen Service

During the 2 1/2 years of service, the canteen served lunches to more than 586,000 servicemen and women.

Personal Memories

Personal letters or memories of the Pheasant Canteen from servicemen.

Pheasant Canteen Exhibit

Residing within the Milwaulkee depot, is a physical exhibit of the WWII Pheasant Canteen. The information, photographs and histories within this online exhibit were generously donated by the Phesant Canteen Team.


Beulah Williams Library