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Photograph of Aberdeen, South Dakota, Safety Officials gathered around a report. Includes Mayor, Commisioner of Public Safety, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Police Matron, Juvenile Officer and Safety Chairman Federat (sic)

Photograph of the Aberdeen Public Safety Car, lead by a police officer on a motorcycle, followed by the car of The Great Lester. In the background you can see the Brown County Courthouse.

Roadside sign that reads: "Drive Safely".

Photograph of two Aberdeen Police Department Officers with the Department of Public Safety car.

Photograph of the Departent of Public Safety car on Main Street, Aberdeen, South Dakota. Photo also includes motorcycle and car of The Great Lester.

Photograph of the Department of Public Safety car driving. In background the sign for Sweet's Cafe is visible.

Photograph of a Aberdeen Police Department Officer on a three-wheeled motorcycle.


Profile view of Aberdeen Police Officers practicing with pistols at a gun range.


Photograph of a car parked behind the Aberdeen Police Department building.


Photograph of shooters at a gun range. One man on the left is aiming a gun at a target, the two on the right are checking a gun.