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This trifold brochure contains information about Aberdeen, South Dakota, including a map with points of interest and statistics about the city.

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This brochure for Miller-Huebl Funeral Home in Aberdeen, South Dakota includes the history of the business, description and photos of the new building in 1979, and biographies of its employees.


This brochure for Northwestern Public Service Company in Aberdeen, South Dakota is a plea for votes in renewing its utilities permit. Includes number of employees in Aberdeen, size of families, tax dollars spent by the company, electricity rates, map…

This brochure is a request for financial support and contains information about the Aberdeen, South Dakota, Family YMCA. It includes pictures of activities, breakdowns of the levels of donation and what the money is used for.

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Partial text of brochure:
Buoyant Water Swim At Medicine Lake
A lake famed for the medicinal qualities and for great boyancy of its waters, swimmers and bathers getting a great thrill playing in the clear, cool water over firm sandy…