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12 Dakota Midland Hospital.pdf
This fundraising booklet contains information on the planned Dakota Midland Hospital in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Includes information on the medical needs of the Aberdeen area around the years of 1959-1965, size of hospital, costs of building theā€¦

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Black and white photograph of Crowe Brothers workers posing outside Lincoln Hospital with building moving equipment and materials. The hospital building was moved adjacent to and is now a part of the Avera St. Lukes Hospital. For more informationā€¦

Colored postcard showing St. Lukes Hospital.

Color postcard showing a view of St. Luke's hospital.

Black and white postcard showing various views of Aberdeen. Included: St. Luke's Hospital, public school, train depot, residence view, Main Street view, post office, Washington school, main building and dormitory of Northern Normal School.

Colored postcard showing an early street scene in Aberdeen, with three churches in a row and St. Luke's hospital in the distance.
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