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Black and white photograph of Webb's shoes storefront.

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Color slide of the campus green of Northern State College. Taken from the north. Visible in photo is Mewaldt-Jensen building, Beulah Williams Library, Memorial Union and Graham Hall.

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Color slide of Beulah Williams Library at Northern State College in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

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Slide 34.jpg
Color slide of Northern State College. Includes Memorial Union (currently called the Student Center) on the right, and the Beulah Williams Library.

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Color slide of the Beulah-Williams Library in winter time.

271 Alexander Mitchell Library, 1884-1964_optimized.pdf
This booklet includes the history of the Alexander Mitchell Library in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Also includes a list of services which were current to it at the time and a biography of Miss Helen Glau, head librarian.

Black and white photograph of the Alexander Mitchell Public Library.

Colored postcard of the original Alexander Mitchell Library building.
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