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The Town in the Frog Pond_optimized.pdf
soft bound booklet, stapled, 70 pages; contains black-and-white photographs

Map of South Dakota, describing geologic composition. 42 x 68 in. map; scale 1:500,000


South Dakota in Maps_optimized.pdf
This is the first in a series of curriculum materials on South Dakota and its economy to be prepared for the state Department of Public Instruction by the South Dakota Council on Economic Education. These curriculum materials are designed to…

Sanborn Maps - 2.pdf
Hard bound volume of maps showing details of the streets of Aberdeen.


695 SD Dept of Game Fish and Parks Fort Sisseton State Park 1980_optimized.pdf
This booklet contains history and a tour guide for Fort Sisseton State Park in South Dakota. Includes maps of the park and area, photographs and descriptions of the buildings still standing, and historical photos of the fort during its use.

694 SD Dept of Game Fish and Parks Roy Lake State Park Hiking Trail Guide 1980_optimized.pdf
This booklet is a hiking trail guide for Roy Lake State Park, South Dakota. It contains history of the area, maps of the park, drawings and descriptions of plants, fish and birds seen along the hiking trails.

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SD Trunk Highway 37_optimized.pdf
Black and white maps of the plans for S.D. Trunk Highway No. 37 in Brown County, South Dakota.


160 Map of South Dakota, 1930.pdf
Printed map of South Dakota Highways. Includes pictures of South Dakota scenery and articles on topics such as: Dairying in South Dakota, Mining and Geology, Livestock, Department of School and Public Lands, Manufacturing in South Dakota, and…


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