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452 Allen, Mattie Windell Early history of Aberdeen, 1930.pdf
A recounting of South Dakota, Brown County and Aberdeen history by Mattie Windell Allen on January 30,1930.

Colored postcard showing a view of a residential area from the top of a building.

Black and white photograph of train at the depot in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Includes passengers and conductor.

1209 Aberdeen, SD Civic Association Travel Guide.pdf
Brochure listing the available travel schedules in and out of Aberdeen South Dakota by means of bus, airplane and railway.

Black and white photograph of C. & N.W. Depot Aberdeen, S.D. Includes tracks, wagons and passengers. Caption: 524 C. & N.W. Depot Aberdeen So. Dak

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Black and white photograph of the Mansfield, South Dakota depot. Photograph includes train, depot building, a large group of men, women and children posing for the photo. Includes signs for American Express Agency and Western Union Telegraph Office.…

Black and white photograph of railway turntable for Aberdeen S.D. Includes train engines, rail yard, garage.

Oversized laminated map of Aberdeen Station.
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