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Historical Points in Brown County_optimized.pdf
This paper includes the history of Brown County, a map of Brown County marked with historical sites, and descriptions and pictures of the historical sites.

607 Hickory Stick Programs.pdf
This program is for the 28th Annual Hickory Stick Banquet. Includes a list of officers, past officers, members, Articles, By-laws, financial report, banquet program and songs.

The Rural Demonstration School Chorus.pdf
This article contains information about music taught at the Aberdeen area rural schools and a concert held in Aberdeen where the rural school children performed. Included is a photograph of the children's choir.

European Festivals Program.pdf
This document contains the program for a musical program performed by the Aberdeen area rural demonstration schools including: Parkway, Plainview, Brookside, Sunnyside, Trail, Westport, Riverside, Sunshine and Warner Schools.

The Ruralite Volume 1 No 6_optimized.pdf
This bulletin for the Rural demonstration schools of the Northern Normal and Industrial School contains news from Brookside, Sunshine and Riverside rural schools and poetry.

The Rural Light Vol 14 No 7_optimized.pdf
This bulletin of Northern Normal and Industrial School of Aberdeen, South Dakota contains articles on rural teacher education, photographs, biographies of N.S.T.C. faculty and testemonials. Excerpt: "Because a majority of the teachers in South Dakota…

Northern Rural Teachers Training, 1920-1960.pdf
This document contains a history of student teaching through N.N.I.S. Subjects include: curriculum of student teachers, Rural Light, Leadership Club, the end of rural schools and successful N.N.I.S. graduates.

Black and white photograph of students and student teachers. The back of the photograph includes handwritten names of the people in the photograph.

Caption: 1921 Spring Term Brookside. Bergh

Black and white photograph of the inside of Brookside rural school. Includes students at their desks, chalkboards, a bench, flag and decorations on the walls.

Caption: 1943 Interior Brookside School. Bergh

Black and white photograph of Brookside rural school students with N.N.I.S. student teachers in front of N.N.I.S. bus.

Caption: Northern's first bus. Brookside School and student teachers. Fall term 1920. Bergh
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